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Thailand Travel and Backpacking Information - I love you Fruit Lady - A.K.A. Smile Yimmy!!! Joop Joop!


Thailand is a great country to backpack in. Hotels are cheap, and everything from Khao San Road in Bangkok to Koh Phangan in the south or Chiang Mai in the north will have something to offer any backpacker. Some say backpacking is a dying trend as more and more midrange hotels pop up, but the reality proves otherwise. Travel is easy, and life is good in Thailand.

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You might want to check out the destinations page. There have been quite a few updates on some places to visit.

Well, a lot of things have been changing on the site lately. I have been putting together a good deal of information in the FAQ section. It is difficult to tell what all of the changes are, so you can surf around. The projects I have started will be clickable while the rest will give you an idea of what I have planned! Cheers!

As usualy, I have gone astray and started a new blog type page that is an account of how I started of in Thailand. In fact, I got off on this tangent by building this site. So, check it out: Bangkok or Bust is the name of it. You will understand why. I don't quite know where it fits into the site just yet, so this is the only place you can see it. I played with the idea of putting it here and calling it The Front Page, but I am holding off until I can guage interest!

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